There is fire
At my feet
And ashes
In my hair

I need
A whole ocean
To save me
From despair

I’m burning
Big time
Can’t you see me?
Can’t you feel me?

I’ve lost
By millions
And I don’t even
Talk money

I need some water
To bring the thirst away
I need your prayer
To see another day

Can’t you see me?
Can’t you feel me?


Instagram @loudesanges
Twitter @spacetimebae

38 thoughts on “Australia

  1. Thank you for your thoughtful poem and tribute to our wonderful country. Just before Christmas the number of Koalas decimated was around 2000, and today, it’s an estimated 8000 plus. Bless you Lou and thank you again. Please read Dorothea Mackellar (renowned Australian poet) – you will love her works).

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  2. The cyclical nature of such – tragedy comes with rebirth – brings forth I hope first loss and compassion and as the wheel turns hope and growth. ‘Twas but an instant ago – 1998 – Central Florida burned behind a winter’s drought – but nowhere near the measure of mere California and our American West and Southwest: yet this terrible swathe of fire along Australia’s Pacific coast leaves me wordless to express my grief and tests my trust in renewal, which I am by faith assured will come again. My prayers, Lou des Anges.

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  3. I feel the same, especially when I see the koalas in the Koala Hospital. One in particular can never be released back into the wild. Her nails were burned through to her nail beds. These claws she needs to climb trees to get food and to sleep, will never grow back normal, all twisted and abnormal. She can only climb the specially slopping tree branches that help move around her Gunya. (bush hut) So many sad stories.

    We get droughts, we get bush fires but none has been as bad as the past few years.

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