White Like The Snow

The hurts of your past may haunt you
But do not be deceived by them
They are weak like wandering ghosts
You can decide to walk through them

The future has not been written yet
Tomorrow is white like the snow
You choose where your heart is going
You have more power than you know


Instagram @loudesanges
Twitter @spacetimebae

11 thoughts on “White Like The Snow

  1. How very true! We each choose the path we take, albeit influenced by those around us. We weave our lives with the fibers around us like a tapestry. One fiber is as important as another. Each contributes to the whole of who we are. If our part of the tapestry is to eventful, it helps to work our way toward a less eventful portion of the tapestry–where we can be more comfortable. Thank You for sharing! Blessings!


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